IPC - Material Data Entry for a Single Component or Simple Part

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The following process should be followed when creating an XML file for a Single Component or Simple Part::

Add Homogeneous material:

  1. Beginning on Row 12 enter the Homogeneous Material Name of the first material

    Material name notes:

    1. Homogeneous Material names must be unique.  Duplicate material names will result in a failure to load the file

    2. The material name should also be descriptive as to the use to enable efficient review of the declaration, to show what the item is and where it is used

    3. The homogeneous material name format should be: Location_Component_Materialname

      • Nickel plating on front housing should be FH_NI_PLATING

      • Resistor substrate on PCBA should be PCBA_RESISTOR_SUBSTRATE

      • Magnet on vibrator on front housing should be FH_VIBRATOR_MAGNET

  1. Using the drop down list select the appropriate Material Group

  2. Enter the Mass Amount for this material

  3. Using the drop down list select the Mass Units for this material

Add Substance

Motorola Mobility provides the ability to search for CAS Numbers by Substance Name and display their related Substance Categories  (e.g.: Lead and Lead Compounds) in the Motorola Mobility CAS # Search Tool on the Material Disclosure website


  1. Beginning on the row immediately following the material row, enter the Substance Name of the first substance in the material


    It is not critical that the name is chemically accurate as the CAS# is the key value but the substance name will help in determining where exemptions need to be applied

Add CAS Number:

  1. Enter the CAS# for the substance.  For undeclared substances use Substance Name  = "MISC., NOT TO DECLARE" and CAS# = "SYSTEM".  This exact text must be used or an error will be generated
    Substance and CAS# Notes:

    1. For substances where the CAS# is not known or exact formulation is considered proprietary up to 10% of a Homogeneous Material may remain undeclared as prescribed in the Motorola Mobility 1202897W18 specification

    2. Under no circumstances may undeclared material contain any of the Motorola Banned, Controlled or Reportable substances above the reporting threshold. These must always be fully declared by CAS#
      To enter an undeclared substance the exact text below must be used:
      Substance Name  = "MISC., NOT TO DECLARE" and CAS# = "SYSTEM".  This exact text must be used or an error will be generated. Note there is a space / blank between "MISC,." and "NOT"

    3. If a Material contains more than 10% MISC., NOT TO DECLARE or contains a "-" CAS# substance the material name must also contain the full OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) name and Trade name of the material in square brackets:  Example PCB_IC1_Die attach [Ablebond 9830]

    4. Proprietary substances may also be declared using the IMDS system where the CAS# = "-" and the substance description is used to indicate the substance category.  For example:
      The exact IMDS standard text of the substance name must be used to avoid an unknown CAS# error and automatic rejection of a submittal

    5. Duplicate CAS#'s are not allowed within a single material and will result in a failure to load the file into the system. This includes MISC/SYSTEM. Duplicate CAS#'s are allowed in separate materials

  2. Enter the percent by weight of this substance in this material

    Suppliers are required to provide supporting information if the percentabge of MISC exceeds 10% in a single material.  This supporting information may be in the form of an MSDS or Motorola IP form and is subject to acceptance by Motorola. The form is stored under the Material Disclosure Resources and Training heading.

Add Exemptions

  1. Enter all applicable exemption(s) for this substance.  Up to three may be entered.  Please refer to the Motorola Exemption List TAB to determine potential exemptions for each controlled substance category and the threshold PPM above which require exemption(s) are needed to meet Motorola compliance requirements as detailed in the Motorola 1202897W18 Specification

    Exemption Notes:
    1. Do not apply more than one valid exemption for each of RoHS, Motorola General and Motorola Surface Restricted
    2. Exemptions do not need to be entered if the PPM is  below the Limit
    3. Some substance categories may require more than one exemption
      • Example 1 - Lead at 1% - Appropriate RoHS exemption,  Motorola General exemption, and Motorola Surface exemption
      • Example 2 - Lead at 0.05% - Motorola General exemption and Motorola Surface exemption
      • Example 3 - Nickel - Motorola Surface exemption #501
    4. Exemptions have specific applicability, do not enter exemptions that are inappropriate or not applicable for the stated usage of the substance.  Be prepared to explain all exemption selections to the Motorola Environmental Data Management Team


Detailed information on exemptions can be found in the Understanding Exemptions section


Continue adding Materials and Substances  

  1. Continue adding substances until all substances are declared for this material
  2. If another material needs to be added, this should be added in the row immediately following the last substance entered.  Note Duplicate material names within a Product or subpart are not allowed and will result in a failure to load into the system
  3. Continue adding Materials and Substances until complete.  Your Declaration should look similar to this example with two materials: Note that the materials and substances are separated by one row.  Any overlapping Section rows will result in an error.  Also note that the sum of substances in both materials = 100% and the sum of the material weights = the product weight.  Any number of materials and substance can be entered using this format.


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